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Visualizing the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Catastrophe

A quick update, while we’re all trawling the internet to dig up information about the Fukushima Nuclear facility, that seems to have suffered a meltdown.

I have seen a lot of different cutaways and explanations so far. I’ll post them later, when I’m not actually working on one myself.

Just now I found a resource that states the most used ‘Inverted Bulb’ – General Electric typical Boiling Water might not be correct.

In the book – ‘The Thermal-Hydraulics of a Boiling Water Reactor, second edition 1993′ I found this interesting illustration. Seems the Japanese engineers modified the typical design to have a bit more working space in the drywell. Both the Fukushima reactor 1 and 2 is the Mark-I type, while the Fukushima 6 should be of the Mark-II-type. Fukushima 3 is constructed by Toshiba, so it might be different.

If you have any information, you could share to make the infographics depicting this event better, please don’t hesitate to do so.