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– 1% of the news in infographics … .net .org .be .dk .eu .com

There is a lot to choose from when somebody tells you to go to the website VisualJournalism. It all depends on the ending – in fact you have seven choices …






The .dk site is inactive, however, – and the .net-domain is in it’s redemptionperiod, so now will be a good time to line up and place an order on it, if you want to become part of the VJ-family.

The newest site is the .info site which launched just 14 days ago after living a its former life as an university blog. Welcome … It looks like some interesting content. (But how can you live with that text-only frontpage, when you call yourself visualjournalism?)

The .org site is not the most active – it belongs to a university and carries student-projects for the University of Miami.

Lastly we have the .eu and the .be -site which turns out to be the same –  a portfolio for the photographer Tom Palmaers.

What is a visual journalist?
What I find very interesting in visiting the family-members of Visual Journalism is that they centers heavily on photography and multimediaproduction. And as there are a lot more photographers than infographic artists it might end up being a photographic term. If you tell someone that you’re a visual journalist people will assume that you’re out there taking pictures or shooting video?

Bonus – if you itch uncontrollably to start a VJ-domain you could also go for – it’s for sale for a piffling $695. What a bargain (not).