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I have decided to no longer facilitate comments on this site. The ratio for valid comments compared to spam must be around 1:2000 (really - not kidding!). - Gert K Nielsen, Admin

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The Bayeux Tapestry is an inspiring piece of Visual Journalism - combining text and embroidery to tell the story of a war

The Bayeux Tapestry is an inspiring piece of Visual Journalism - combining text and embroidery to tell the story of a war

‘We need more embroidery in modern infographics’ …

There will be room for such a discussion too, when VisualJournalism today opens up in new and much improved settings. The aim has been on constructing a site in constant development. The site is built with open-source software – and as such we won’t get trapped inside a proprietary system, which will eventually lead to the demise of the site. Last time around got hacked and destroyed because of software-problems. I believe we’re riding a safer horse this time around.

The technical side is handled by a wordpress-installation on a virtual private server hosted with inmotionhosting in USA. It’s a pretty good solution for a site of this kind – maybe even overkill – but it should ensure that everyone gets speedy responses and we have room to install and try out features without dragging the entire site to a halt because of memory-problems.

The success of this site will be measured by the value it gives to the infographics community. Whether your background is in journalism, arts or the academic world, you should soon be able to find something that interests you. I don’t doubt for a second, that the site needs input from as many as possible – be it as examples, comments or even articles. It is an area of high priority to get a system working for accepting input from you.

If you’re going to get the full value out of this community, you’ll want to be a registered user. I encourage you to sign up with the ‘Connect with Facebook’-feature, so you’ll save the hassle of having to construct yet another profile and remember another password. The system is developed with full respect for any privacy-concern you might have. No passwords, email-adresses, or any other private information are shared between Facebook and this site.

I have been away from producing infographics myself for some time (working as the webeditor of my newspaper), so I’m entering the graphics scene again full of excitement and expectation about the advances in the field, I might have missed. Please inform me …

And seriously – The Bayeux Tapestry is really something we can learn from. 😉 Visit the museum in Normandy this summer if you haven’t already been there.

See you around