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– 1% of the news in infographics …

Young star has reintroduced the big graphics spread into newsmagazines

-‘Girls, – don’t scream too much and don’t faint when you see him’ …

Meant as a joke to the younger girls in the audience, just before Fransesco Franchi entered the stage to do his presentation. And surely he doesn’t look like the World’s Best judges in the recent SND31. He isn’t retired either – in fact it has only been two years since he left the University.

A scared editor at first
Fransesco showed us his works from Intelligence in Lifestyle, IL – which won a lot of awards in last years Malofiej. When the magazine was launched the editor was scared of Fransescos proposal of putting a whole infographic spread in the magazine each month. But the infographics have now turned out so successful, that the editor just wants more and more – and now it is Fransescos turn to become scared.

The success of infographics in a new magazine is of interest to everyone working in this field. Especially as the two old news-magazines with infographics spreads,Time and Newsweek, both have stopped their big infographics.


A new style evolving
In the videoclip, you get a glimpse of some brand new material not yet published. Some of it especially interesting to see, as the graphics have started to evolve away from last years very stricly reserved graphics into more playful and colourful visuals. That style doesn’t really remind of anything I have seen before in news. And Franseco isn’t yet too sure if it works or not – he is still waiting for feedback.

Get a closer look via Flickr
If you want to look at Fransecos work in closer detail you can do so by visiting his Flickr-account (Click here), where he puts up a lot of his work to be able to receive some direct feedback. Be prepared to read a lot of shortliners like ‘great work’, ‘Love it’ etc. But also some corrections to the graphics can find their way into the comments.